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Guests at the unit

In exceptional cases or according to a written agreement, individuals who are neither admitted nor employed may be present at Lund University and participate in its activities, either to the guest directly or to his employer.

Content on this page:

Guests at the unit  

Those who are long-term visitors at the University will as a rule be admitted to education or be employed by LU. However, in exceptional cases or according to a written agreement, individuals who are neither admitted nor employed may be present at Lund University and participate in its activities. However, there is to be no work involved on behalf of the University or remuneration for duties performed. 


Guests are not allowed to receive any form of remuneration that may be likened to an employee’s benefits or may be perceived as remuneration for work, such as annual leave, holiday bonus, supplementary parental benefit, sick pay, subsistence allowance, housing benefits and similar salary benefits.

Work environment responsibility 

The employer is responsible for the work environment for everyone at the workplace – including those who are not employed or undergoing rehabilitation, as this presupposes that the individual will return to work. 


All foreign guests at Lund University are covered by group insurance (insurance for foreign visitors) at the Swedish Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency (Kammarkollegiet), which covers, among other things, emergency medical care, emergency dental care, accidents and certain property protection. 

For those living permanently in Sweden (who have a Swedish personal identity number) and who are participating in activities without being an employee, there is special personal injury protection for accidents, which corresponds to the protection that applies for employees. Kammarkollegiet provides correct and current information.

Residence permit/visa 

Different rules apply to different citizens and according to the type of visit. As offences against the regulations in the Alien Act are in several cases subject to criminal sanctions, it is very important that both the incoming guest and the manager in charge checks concerning the right to stay in Sweden.

Checklist for receiving guests at the unit

Checklist regarding what the unit needs to prepare and do in connection with the reception of guests.


Before the visit

List of guests

Person responsible: Head of department/equivalent

  • Identify risks and ethical considerations in international cooperation by reading the guide for Global Responsible Engagement. 
    Global Responsible Engagement (Staff pages)
  • Make a list of the people who are neither admitted to study nor employed, but who will be present at the University and participate in its activities for an extended period of more than a few days/one week. 

Written agreement

Person responsible: Head of department/equivalent and the person with responsibility for the cost centre in question, in cooperation.

Draw up a written agreement with the individuals neither admitted nor employed but who will be present at the University and participate in its activities.

Among other things, the agreement is to contain information on the duration of the stay and other terms that regulate the stay, i.e.:

  • that LU will not register any credits (in the case of the guest having student status at a home university)
  • that there is group insurance that automatically applies for guests who take part in LU’s activities and are permitted to use the University’s premises 
  • guidelines that the guest needs to acquaint themselves with and follow (the Work Environment Policy, for example), and the safety regulations at Lund University and the specific unit the guest will be based at
  • that the guest organises their own residence permit/visa etc., and for any accompanying partner/family members that the guest must have their own travel and accident insurance that the guest is to have an EHIC card, if the guest is from an EU country
  • that the guest will not carry out work during their stay, but use the University’s premises for their own advancement 
  • a plan for the stay, which describes the purpose and goals etc. – defines wishes and expectations, both from the guest and internal staff so that all involved get the most out of the visit. The idea is that the visit will lead to a mutual exchange of experience.
  • who is the guest’s host/supervisor during the visit. 

Download template for written agreement regarding guests at the unit on this page

Inform relevant staff members about the visit

Person responsible: Manager of the unit concerned

  • Inform the relevant staff members at the department, faculty or unit. 


Person responsible: Head of department/equivalent is responsible for assigning someone to be host/supervisor.

  • Before each visit, a person should be assigned as host/supervisor for the guest. Information about the hosting is to be communicated to the guest before the visit. The host is responsible for practical aspects before, during and after the visit (e.g. social activities).

Introduction programme 

Person responsible: Host/supervisor

  • Draw up an introduction programme for the guest. Consider, for example, which staff members would benefit from meeting them, and vice-versa. Book these meetings in good time. 

Authorisations in systems and buildings

Person responsible: Head of department/equivalent and Lucat administrator

  • Register the guest in Lucat as an affiliate of the unit and select in the first instance the sub-category visiting research fellow/guest lecturer so that authorisations are not granted to a greater extent than necessary. In the case of very short visits there are other sub-categories with more limited authorisations. It is possible subsequently to apply for certain additional authorisations. The requested period is to correspond to the period of the guest’s visit to the University. State host/supervisor as contact person. For support, see the Lucat blog.


Person responsible: Host/supervisor

  • Contact LU Bostäder/LU Accommodation

Welcome letter/email

Person responsible: Host/supervisor

  • Send a welcome letter or email containing practical information to the guest in good time before they arrive at the University.

Proposed content: 

  • Contact information for host/supervisor.
  • Presentation of the unit where the guest will be based.
  • Introduction programme.
  • Agenda for introduction day, if required. 
  • Map of Lund and the University campus as well as directions from airports/railway station. 
  • Tips and recommendations about leisure activities in Lund and the surrounding area.

After the visit

Feedback and follow up

Person responsible: Head of department/equivalent

  • Cancel authorisations for systems and buildings.
  • Get the guest to evaluate their stay. 
  • Get the unit to evaluate the guest’s stay. 
  • Use the results of the evaluations as a basis for planning future visits by guests.