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Changing salary at a time other than salary review

Agreements on salary at a time other than the salaryreview can be made on specific occasions. You can read more about what these are here.

Content on this page:

Decisions on new salaries are made at the time of recruitment and at the time of a salary review. Normally, the salary does not change between salary reviews, but the salary policy programme contains specific occasions when a change in salary may occur between salary reviews.

All salary setting must be based on the factors affecting salary. Before a decision on a new salary is made, the employee organisation concerned must be informed, provided that the employee is a member of one of our contractual organisations (Saco-S, OFR/S, Seko). The employee organisation must call for negotiations within ten working days if desired.

Change of employment

When an employee changes employment by applying for an advertised position and receiving the position on the basis of merit and skill, the same principles apply as for new employment. This means that the employee is not guaranteed to retain or increase his/her salary, but the salary shall be determined in accordance with the salary policy programme.

Change of work tasks

In the event of a change of duties, the employee shall be paid according to the new duties and a new salary classification shall be made if the duties have changed significantly. The salary shall only be adjusted if the new tasks are significantly more qualified than the previous ones.

If the change in duties is part of a natural evolution, it may justify some change in salary. Normally, such adjustments should be handled within the framework of the next salary review. Changes that are considered to be substantial may include increased responsibility for staff, budget and/or operations.

New competence or recognised skills

When an employee has been assessed for competence or received a new title as a doctor, received a teaching award, been accepted as an unpaid docent or achieved a step increase in his or her doctoral programme, he or she receives a specific salary increase.

Teaching award

From the beginning of the month after a teacher has received a teaching award by decision of the Vice-Chancellor, he or she shall receive a salary increase of SEK 1 000 for full-time employment. However, this does not apply to teachers who are covered by an agreement on local managers.

Unpaid associate professor and completed doctoral degree

Teachers who are admitted as an unpaid associate professor shall receive a salary increase of SEK 2 000 for full-time service. An employee who has obtained a doctoral degree shall receive a salary increase of SEK 1,500 for full-time employment.

The salary increase shall apply from the end of the month following the decision.

The staff member shall apply for the salary increase himself/herself. 

It is up to the employee to apply for the salary increase by sending a copy of the decision to their HR function, and you as a manager should remind them of this.

The change in salary will apply at the earliest from the end of the month six months before the application is made.

Achieved step increase for doctoral students

For doctoral students at the University, a special staircase model for salary setting is applied. In connection with employment, the doctoral student is placed in the starting salary established by the faculty. Subsequently, the salary is increased at each stage of the doctoral programme in accordance with the stage increase established by the faculty.

New agreement with adjusted rules of procedure 2023 

In 2023, the parties reached a new agreement on salary setting for doctoral students with an adjusted procedure and total amount for a step increase. The new agreement applies to employed doctoral students who start their doctoral education on 1 August 2023 or later.

The faculty shall have routines for the handling of the step increase and inform the doctoral student in connection with the introduction about the handling. 

Exceptional reasons

If an employee has a shortage or key competence that the university is about to lose to other activities outside the university, the salary may be adjusted in order to retain the employee. This can only be done in exceptional cases.

For more information and support

Contact your local HR function.