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The manager's salary review process


This page provides guidance and support for the activities that managers are required to carry out during the pay review process.

Contents of this page:

Manager's activities during the salary review, with a timeline for 2023

Please note that not all managers will always be involved in all activities, it may differ between different faculties/equivalents.

The picture shows manager´s activities during the salary review
Click on the image to open a pdf with clickable links, in a larger format.

Your organisation's HR function – your partner in the salary review process

Your organisation's HR representative in the university's joint network for coordination of salary review, LU RALS, will provide you as a manager with support, documentation and information throughout the process.

Timeline for the salary review

It takes 5-6 months to conduct a salary review. You can see the timetable for the current salary review in the matrix above.

If you have questions about the timetable, contact your organisation's HR function.

Overall tasks for you as a manager during the salary review

In connection with the salary review, you as a manager should invite each of your employees to discuss the year's performance and results in an organised manner.

Based on this, you must make an overall assessment and submit a proposal for a new salary. The proposal should be based on the university's salary policy and what you and your employee have agreed on in the appraisal interviews.

Check with your organisation's HR function regarding salary levels and any special initiatives.


In the matrix at the top of the page, you can see which activities you as a manager are required to carry out during the salary review, and when. There is support and information for each activity that you can access by clicking on the matrix. Support can also be accessed via the pages here in the left-hand menu.

If you have any questions, contact your organisation's HR function.

As a manager, you can also be involved in this during the salary review.

Salary survey

Every year the university must carry out a salary survey. The aim is to find, remedy and prevent unjustified pay differences that are to the disadvantage of women. Your organisation's HR function will contact you if you need to be involved in the salary survey.

Read more about salary survey

Faculty dialogues with employee organisations

Each faculty participates annually in a faculty dialogue in which representatives from the university management, faculty management, the HR section and the HR function participate. The faculty dialogues are held early in the salary review process and you as a dean/equivalent may be involved.

Contact your organisation's HR function for more information.  

Who is covered by the salary review?

  • These are covered by the salary review
  • These are not covered by the salary review
  • Doctoral students' salaries are managed in a separate track

Your organisation's HR function will keep you informed about the doctoral students' salary increase process.

Depending on which employee organisation the employees are members of, some elements of the salary review are slightly different.  

See the page Salary review for more information on how the implementation of the salary review differs depending on the employee's organisation.

Information during the salary review

Information for managers

Your organisation's HR function will keep you informed about the progress of the pay review and when it is time for you to act.  

There is support and information for the activities you need to carry out in the left-hand menu on this page. You can also access the support via the matrix further up the page.

Information for employees

University-wide information on the progress of the pay review.

The HR Division  communicates university-wide information on the progress of the salary review, in general, to the university's employees. The information is communicated in these channels:

  • Fact page on salary review 
  • The newsletter LU-nytt/ LU News 

Your faculty/equivalent representative in LU RALS is aware of which university-wide information about the pay review is communicated, and when.  

Information at faculty and department level

As a manager, you are responsible for keeping your staff updated on the progress of the salary review process in your organisation. Consult with your HR function about what you need to communicate, when and through which channels. 

Information from trade unions/workers' organisations

Employee organisations often provide their members with information during the pay review process.


For more information and support

Contact your local HR function.