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Courses and programmes for managers and leaders

Are you a manager or hope to become a manager and want to develop your skills? Then you’ve come to the right place. We offer a range of courses and programmes for managers and leaders.

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These are all freestanding modules. The choice of course/programme is made in consultation with your manager, based on the target group of the programme.

Register for courses in Kompetensportalen

After completing the course, you can print out a certificate via Kompetensportalen.

Develop the employer role

  • Doing the right thing – about laws and regulations at Lund University (Hur gör jag rätt – om lagar och regler vid Lunds universitet), in Swedish.
  • Labour law (Arbetsrätt), in Swedish.
  • Systematic work environment management at Lund University (online).
  • Workshop for managers: Preventing and handling of misconduct.
  • Workshop for managers: Victimisation and harassment - what to do and how to prevent.
  • Filmed lecture: Basic training regarding routines for hatred, theats and violence (online).
  • Staff appraisals – an introduction for managers and leaders.
  • Salary-setting appraisals – salary-setting discussions between manager and employee (Lönesättande samtal – lönesättning i dialog mellan chef och anställd) (online, in Swedish).
  • Effective, precision staff recruitment focusing on expertise (Träffsäker och effektiv personalrekrytering med kompetens i fokus), in Swedish.

Develop the leader role

  • New leader.  
  • Experienced leader.  
  • UGL (Understanding Group and Leader) gives you an increased understanding of how group dynamics affect results and how leadership styles should be adapted to the group’s maturity stage and specific task at hand. The contracted supplier for this course is Gällöfsta Perlan Leadership AB. Price: 15 900 SEK. Phone: 070-377 95 86. Read more at https://gallofsta.se/utbildning/ugl-in-english/

Develop the organisational manager role

  • Finance: situations and simulations.
  • What is an “overhead” and how does it work? (online)
  • Project management.

For more information

You will find more information, in Swedish, about courses and programmes for managers on this web page:

Utbildningar (in Swedish, Chefsplattformen, HR-webben)